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Saints among us

Thanks to a “holiday” enforced by that miserable flu/cold that’s going around, the hubbub of Christmas done; there’s not much to do but stay horizontal and medicate; a perfect opportunity to check out some recent and not so recent  movies. … Continue reading

Thank you to everyone that was at group last night and for allowing me to do a practice run of Living the Heart of Christianity workshop.

Clearly I have a little to learn on how to move a group forward. The group graciously agreed to let me continue where we left off last night and complete the workshop on practice next week. So no reading for … Continue reading

This weeks reading is Chapter 10 of Heart of Christianity: The Heart of the Matter Practice.

Due to weather, vacations and sickness, this past Monday’s group was small, but for that reason the group was very intimate and we ended up having a very nice discussion about what sin and salvation means to each one of … Continue reading

Some thoughts on chapter 9 – Sin and Salvation

I’m not able to come to the group tonight but am very interested in this topic (sin, confession, penance and redemption having very real, ritualized meaning for us “lapsed” Catholics) so am going to just leave a few thoughts here:

I loved the quote from Reinhold Neibuhr (p305 of the eBook): “…reaching back at least to Augustine, the “root sin’ is ‘pride,’ hubris, to use the Greek term. Hubris is self-centredness.” Continue reading

This weeks reading is Chapter 9 of Heart of Christianity: Sin and Salvation, Transforming the Heart. Pg 164

I found Monday’s group very inspirational. It was a great idea, Rob, to have each one of us tell our Thin Place stories. Every story was moving and will stay with me forever. It is when I hear stories like … Continue reading

This weeks reading is Chapter 8 of Heart of Christianity: Thin Places: Opening the Heart, pg 149

Sorry I missed last night. My son returned to me after two weeks away, so I made a nice roast chicken dinner and we caught up on his hockey playoff games and how much he hates school. Next weeks chapter … Continue reading

Community: what do “radical love” and “radically welcoming” mean for us?

I love the group and everyone in it. As we are getting to know each other better, we are becoming closer. I asked last week whether we are becoming a community and I hope we will continue to talk about … Continue reading

This weeks reading is Chapter 7 of Heart of Christianity: The Kingdom of God: The Heart of Justice. Pg 126

I hope everyone enjoyed last nights group. I hope by referring back to Tolle was helpful. I love Borg, but because he is an academic I find some of the material is abstract and by referring back to our discussions … Continue reading

This week’s reading is Chapter 6 of The Heart of Christianity: Born Again – A New Heart

I’m filling in doing this blog update for our dearest Marta who has been in hospital. The whole gang of us are with you Marta in every sense (except, in my case, actually visiting:( but I will say thank you … Continue reading

This weeks reading is Chapter 3 of Heart of Christianity: The Bible the Heart of the Tradition

Great discussion last night and so civilized. I am not sure what I can add to the evening’s discussion, we discussed all the sections I had highlighted. I am a big fan of Aldous Huxley and I often return to … Continue reading