Community: what do “radical love” and “radically welcoming” mean for us?

I love the group and everyone in it. As we are getting to know each other better, we are becoming closer. I asked last week whether we are becoming a community and I hope we will continue to talk about that a bit. Not as a main topic but as something sort of in the background. Is it enough to see each other once a week, or perhaps two or three times (Bible study, Sunday service)? What are your expectations? Are you getting enough out of the group and the church generally? Would you like to contribute more, do more, be more? Do you see us interacting differently? Questions for consideration. Below a few pics of some of the reading group regulars:






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  1. Marta Nielsen says:

    As someone who goes to all the groups, Reading, Bible and ACIM and I so enjoy all. I am not sure if I have time for another one. But I do think it would be nice to have just a social group, one not attached to a specific book or topic. Just a gathering for us to catch up on each others lives.

    Sunday after church is a time for this, but I find often Sundays are a busy day and I have to rush off to my son’s hockey game or some other family obligation. Which seems to be the case for many other people.

    Not sure what the best time for this would be, maybe every other week in the evening for those who work. Maybe an after dinner tea and desert thing. We could all contribute.

    Would others be interested in a social club?

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