Sunday Classes

RUC welcomes all children to Definitely Not Your Parent’s Sunday School throughout the months October to June.  Our programs provide our children  wonderful chances for new friendships to blossom,  to engage in the bible and experience faith, and to feel the presence of God in one another and explore the meaning and mystery in the Bible in imaginative and creative ways.

We’re bringing back the very popular “God Everywhere “:
An RUC interfaith initiative for children and youth

This very wonderful GOD EVERYWHERE series will continue investigating the similarities of other faith traditions. This  four week series is designed to introduce our children to the many religious traditions in our community. Each Sunday morning, EHP will host a guest from a different faith group. Our guest will share a part of their culture and religion with our kids during the regular Sunday school time.  Please call the office for more information.

For restless (10 and under) congregants, we have a selection of toys and activities at the side of the church. Please enjoy yourselves and return supplies when finished.

The Sunday School classes are shared between our teachers Dawna Pym, Barb McLean and Trish, but  volunteers are welcome to assist every week. If you have children in any of our programs, or even if you do not, please consider helping out.  Our volunteers usually sign up to assist for a 6 week stint, and they are greatly appreciated. It’s wonderful to feel the presence of God in our children while helping out in class.


The purpose of this program is to invite young people, currently involved with RUC, to join an intentional process of faith formation.  This involves exploring, affirming and claiming faith in a journey that is both individual and part of a group. The program may lead a participant to choose confirmation which is the rite that signifies full membership in the congregation and The United Church of Canada.