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What is Baptism?

In The United Church of Canada, baptism at whatever age, is the sole rite of initiation into membership in the Church. The Service of Baptism is held within the regular Sunday worship service where the congregation offers its support and nurture to the candidate for baptism and her or his family, as appropriate. In the service, water is poured into the Baptismal Font, prayers for God’s grace are offered, and the candidate for baptism is presented to the congregation. In the case of infants and children, those sponsoring the baptism (usually the parent or parents) respond to questions about faith and the nurture of the child in the Christian tradition. Older individuals respond directly to those questions.

Who do I arrange for a Baptism?

If you are interested in baptism, please contact our minister, the Rev. Anne Hines at 416-536-1755.  She will review the significance of baptism for your child (or for you). If you are new to EHP, we hope that you will find this to be a time filled with potential for you to discover a relationship with us.

Do I have to be a member of EHP United Church or the United Church of Canada to have a baptism there?

No, you do not need to be a member to have a baptismal service here.

Do both my partner and I have to be practicing Christians to have our child baptized at EHP?

No. Both parents do not have to be practicing Christians to have your child baptized at EHP.

Is there a charge for the baptismal ceremony?

No. There is no cost for the baptismal ceremony.

What should I expect during the baptism ceremony?

Baptisms normally take place during our regular Sunday 11 a.m. service, witnessed by our full congregation. This is important, because during the ceremony, the congregation makes a promise to the person being baptised to support that person in his or her spiritual growth. The ceremony takes about 5-7 minutes, and includes:

  • Welcoming to the front of the church during a worship service
  • Pouring and blessing of the water
  • Asking three questions about your faith and promises
  • Anointing with water
  • Prayer for the newly baptized
  • Presentation of the newly baptized to the Congregation

The person being baptized will receive a Baptismal Certificate to mark the celebration and it will be recorded in our Baptismal Registry.

May I invite my family and friends to the baptism? How many?

You can invite as many people as you like to the celebration of baptism.

Do you perform baptisms for adults?

Yes. Our tradition embraces infant baptism, and we do welcome adults to be baptised. First, you should consult with the minister to discuss the meaning of baptism, and a date for the celebration will be determined at that time.

My partner and I are same-gender. Any problems baptizing our child?

No problem at all. EHP is an affirming church and we welcome all people regardless of their sexual orientation, or of their social, cultural and economic background.



We welcome your interest in recognizing your marriage commitment in this church and within the context of the Christian community. We rejoice with you in this important decision in your lives, and offer you our prayers and support. To make an inquiry, please contact the church office.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost to be married at EHP?

We offer the following rates:

Church Sanctuary and Middle Room
(for the Wedding Day)- cheque payable to Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church


Church Sanctuary (for wedding rehearsal)
cheque payable to Emmanuel-Howard Park United Church

$65 per hr

cheque made payable to Paul Goudy


Minister (includes pre-marriage meetings)
cheque made payable to Minister


cheque made payable to organist

$150 wedding

$175 wedding+rehearsal

cheque made payable to musician
  • Please note:
  • A deposit of $100 is required to book the sanctuary.
  • There is NO CONFETTI or candles allowed inside or outside the building.
  • Fees must be paid in full 2 weeks prior to the wedding date.
  • Sanctuary holds about 500 people.


Can same-sex couples be married at EHP?

Yes. EHP is an affirming church and we welcome all people regardless of sexual orientation.

Is there a reception room available following the ceremony?

Yes. Rental of the main floor Middle Room for the reception is included in the wedding fees.

Can we serve liquor at the reception?

Yes, provided you obtain your own liquor license for the premises on the wedding day.



“In Life, in death, in life beyond death … God is with us, we are not alone.”

When someone we love dies, there are many things to consider, many decisions to make, often when we are in the midst of shock and pain. The minister of EHP is available to assist you at the time of death. Often, in the case of illness, the minister will already have been in contact.

As Christians, we uphold the dignity and sacredness of life. We believe that life should be celebrated as God’s gift and that, even in death, we are called to celebrate and give thanks for life. Throughout history, Christians have developed rituals – ways of expressing in words, actions and symbols – to mark the occasion of death. Some of these take place in private, or with close family members and friends; others may be a public witness to faith.

Planning a Service to Remember and Celebrate A Person’s Life

As soon as possible after a death, the minister will meet with you to begin planning for an appropriate service. A funeral is a service with the casket containing the person’s body present; a memorial service is a service without the body present. The timing of a service is generally determined in conversation between family members (or ‘next of kin’), the minister and the funeral director.

The minister will want to meet with members of the family or close friends to plan the service and gain details about the person’s life. This meeting may take place at the church, in a family member’s home or on occasion, at the funeral home that is handling arrangements.


The Service

The service may be a funeral (which means a casket containing the person’s body is present) or a memorial service (with or without an urn with the ashes present). Either service can take place in the church.

A brief service of committal may also take place at the time of interment of the body or ashes at a cemetery or crematorium.

The minister will outline the service with those gathered to do the planning. It normally includes scripture readings, a short meditation, prayers, a time of remembrance about the person’s life, and often hymns. Family members or appropriate others may be asked to share remembrances or read scripture. A simple order of service or printed bulletin will be prepared if desired. If a more elaborate (coloured) bulletin is desired, the church office staff can direct you to outside printers.

If the service takes place in the church, it is appropriate to have people welcomed as they arrive. Greeters may be members of the church or family and friends. The funeral home will discuss pallbearers with you if there is a casket present.


Receptions following the service can take place in the main floor Middle Room or Gym at the church.


After care

While the service is an important point in our move through grief, it is not all that is needed at this time. Pastoral Care at EHP includes concern for individuals and families after the funeral or memorial service is concluded. The minister will be keeping in touch, if you wish, as weeks and months go by.