Living Generously

The Year of Living Generously

The Year of Living Generously2015.

EHP NarrativeBudget. 2015.

We have been blessed with spirited leadership, resourceful and energetic staff and volunteers, a building big enough to house multiple dreams, and the financial support of our congregation and the wider community.                                             In recognition of God’s abundant and continuing generosity to this faith community, we have decided to celebrate 2015 as   “The Year of Living Generously.”The Year of Living Generously2015.

This Narrative Budget helps describe how God’s generosity inspires us to be radically welcoming. We encourage everyone here to live his or her calling by sharing time, talent, treasures and testimony to help all who seek us out. And we do this locally and globally as part of The United Church of Canada. Come along with us as we explain how EHP manages its $351,169 toward building up the five main ministries of Emmanuel Howard Park United Church. EHP NarrativeBudget. 2015.