This weeks reading is Chapter 10 of Heart of Christianity: The Heart of the Matter Practice.

Due to weather, vacations and sickness, this past Monday’s group was small, but for that reason the group was very intimate and we ended up having a very nice discussion about what sin and salvation means to each one of us. We were pretty much all in agreement that the old way of seeing “sin” and “salvation” was not helpful or transformative.

This coming week the chapter is on practice. Borg says, “practice is about living the Christian way”, he goes onto say that modern western Christianity, especially Protestantism, has not made practice central, unlike most other religions. He then discusses the reason’s it is important to have a practice and specific daily practices we can do. I actually feel that this is not true of EHP, or at least of the reading group, one of the things that surprised me when I started attending our group was how dedicated everyone was and that most had some sort of practice.

Pre-group maybe we can all think of the daily practices we do and which practices we have found the most helpful to us and why?

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