This week’s reading is Chapter 6 of The Heart of Christianity: Born Again – A New Heart

I’m filling in doing this blog update for our dearest Marta who has been in hospital. The whole gang of us are with you Marta in every sense (except, in my case, actually visiting:( but I will say thank you to the rest of you who’ve managed to visit and let Marta know how much we love her.

So… Chapter 6 begins the second part of the book, which I recall as being much more accessible and affirming than the first part, the first part being quite “intellectual;” a lot about the rival camps of Christians (“earlier” traditionalists and “emerging” progressives) and about interpretation, how we can read the Bible and church doctrine in a progressive way without losing our attachment to the church and its history. There’s a lot more about pure and simple faith, in the second part of the book. Hallelujah.

I enjoyed last week’s session very, very much and appreciate everyone’s indulgence as I disparaged poor ol’ Jesus for being such a Narcissistic bastard (forgive me Jesus!). I have a lot of feelings about the Big Guy right now, especially the claims that he (or He) was the “son of God” and all that, something that Borg notes he most likely never claimed himself. Jesus was a human being, just like you and me, but after the fact, a lot of people seemed to think he was just so much more.

We know there are people in the world who are that kind of “more.” Some of them become recognized and revered. They often introduce new ideas and lead profound change. Some of them get Nobel Peace Prizes and some of them, in time, may even become saints. But nobody gets called the Son of God. That’s a category above and beyond all the others. I for one would like to know why.

Let’s read on with our hearts full of curiosity and humility, and love for knowledge, and for each other. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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3 Responses to This week’s reading is Chapter 6 of The Heart of Christianity: Born Again – A New Heart

  1. Marta says:

    I love this chapter. I hope I can make it to discuss. I especially love from page 113 onwards. This is when the book takes a turn from something more academic to something more personal. Plus anything about inner spiritual transformation excites me.

    Much of what Borg writes is similar to what we read in The New Earth, which also excites me. Whenever two very different spiritual thinkers come together it just helps reaffirm that all religions are saying the same thing, no matter what the history or background is.

  2. Rob2 says:

    I am looking forward to this week’s discussion too. Borg thinks that “born again” is a concept that can bridge the divide between the earlier and emerging paradigms.

    A quick response to Rob1’s “Son of God” comment: Borg says that in the Hebrew Bible, Israel is called “son of God” as are the kings of Israel and Judah; even Jewish mystics who were healers were sometimes referred to as God’s son. It means someone who has an intimate relationship with God, and someone who has the authority to act on God’s behalf. It’s meant to be read as a metaphorical (“more-than-literal”) title.

    I would add that in Greek mythology there are some heroes who are the sons of gods, e.g. Hercules. Incidentally, there are a number of historical figures who were reputed to be born of virgins, e.g. Alexander the Great.

    It makes sense to me that from time to time people appear who are so utterly remarkable that their followers see something God-like about them. And “Son of God” or “born of a Virgin” are some of the ancient metaphors that were used to describe this divine quality.

  3. Marta says:

    Whenever ACIM refers to son of God it is referring to us all being the Son’s of God, not just Jesus.

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