This weeks reading is Chapter 8 of Heart of Christianity: Thin Places: Opening the Heart, pg 149

Sorry I missed last night. My son returned to me after two weeks away, so I made a nice roast chicken dinner and we caught up on his hockey playoff games and how much he hates school. Next weeks chapter is another one of my favourites in the book. All about opening up our hearts. Borg says

“The heart is an image for the self at a deep level, deeper then our perception, intellect, emotion, and volition”…“Yet our hearts can be shut. They can be “fat,” as if encrusted within a think layer. They can be “proud” puffed up and enlarged. They can be “made of stone” rather then made of flesh. They are often hard.”

I know for me it took a while to realize just how much I shut my heart away. In our last post Rob1 and I discuss the Heart Chakra and how we often put up blocks around our heart as a way to protect ourselves from the vulnerability we often feel if we open up our hearts. I look forward to our discussion next week on opening the heart.

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