We are an affirming Christian community in the heart of Roncesvalles Village. Everyone, and we mean everyone – is welcome! We don’t care who you love, what you’ve done or how long you’ve been away. Christ welcomes everyone, believer or not. We do too!


  • Continue to be led by God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Implement our vision statement in all our service programs and in the daily life of our church.
  • Maintain, support and further develop our outreach ministry for the poor (the Sunday meals program) and identify and develop other opportunities for outreach.
  • Support and further develop our Sunday school programs and develop opportunities for youth programs.
  • Become accessible for those with disabilities and seniors by (at a minimum) installing an outside ramp with access to the Sanctuary.
  • Support, organize and grow our volunteer base to enhance, develop and deliver our spiritual and service initiatives (e.g. thrift shop, support for seniors, driver volunteers, white gifts).
  • In the near future, seek a coordinator of volunteers to recruit, train, increase and strengthen our core volunteer services by appealing to those in the church and the wider community who are looking for scheduled short time and/or defined hours of volunteer service.

Thought for today: “I reject …nostalgia and all talk of return to traditional identities and values. It is a recipe for conflict. It is much better and wiser to see postmodernity’s meltdown of all traditional identities — faiths, cultures, forms of selfhood and so on — as a great religious opportunity to leave the old antagonisms behind.”
From Don Cupitt, The Old Creed and the New.